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How to solve the blockage of wedge wire screen

Do you know How to solve the blockage of wedge wire screen?

First, the reasons for the screen blocking:

The screen surface of the vibrating wedge wire screen is linearly reciprocated under the action of the shaker. The particles are ejected and dropped under the vibration of the screen surface. The ejection and fall of the material have an impact on the screen surface, causing particles smaller than the screen hole to pass through the screen. , So that the material is classified according to the size of the particles. There are many factors that affect the sieving rate of materials, but in summary there are two main categories, one is the various characteristics of the material itself, and the other is the structure of the vibrating screen.

After analysis, it was found that the reason for the clogging of the vibrating wedge wire screen is mainly due to the large number of fine particles in the screening material. The size of these fine particles is close to the size of the screen hole, which can easily get stuck on the screen hole and cause blockage. Relatively humid, wet fine particles will stick to each other and stick to the sieve surface, making the sieving process difficult. It is difficult to change the nature of the material, so the solution of the clogging problem should mainly start from the structural form of the vibrating screen and the screen structure.

Second, the main methods to solve the problem of blocking focus on two aspects:

The structural form and intensity of the vibrating wedge wire filter screen and the structural form of the screen.

Judging from the development of the structure of the vibrating screen, there have been various forms of vibrating screens such as probability screens, relaxation screens, equal-thickness screens, etc., and some progress has been made in solving the problem of clogging, but the screens cannot be effective. Self-cleaning is generally only used for material grading above 13 mm.

Because the material is layered and sieved on the sieve surface, the larger the effective sieving area, the larger the sieve volume per unit time of the sieve surface, and the higher the production efficiency. Therefore, increasing the sieve area under a certain amount of processing can reduce the thickness of the material layer, which can improve the screening efficiency to a certain extent, but at the same time, it will make the vibrating screen too bulky and increase the equipment and civil construction costs.

If the vibration intensity is too small, the material will not be sufficiently loose to affect the sieving. Increasing the vibration intensity can improve the screening efficiency. However, if it is a wet and fine-grained material, the material will stick to the screen tightly. Layers are difficult, and the increase in vibration intensity does not solve the problem of blockage, and the vibration intensity is too large, which will cause damage to the side panels, pipe beams, shakers, etc. of the linear vibrating screen, reducing the life of the vibrating wedge wire screen.

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