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Do you understand the requirements of wedge wire screen baskets for opening rate

Do you have any requirements for the opening rate of wedge wire screen baskets? Do you know, customers and friends? Let's explain it to you. I hope it can help you.
The opening rate of wedge wire screen baskets is very important, which affects its working efficiency. There are two ways to increase the opening rate: one is to increase the diameter of the mesh, the other is to reduce the center distance of the mesh. In the cutting die, the edge of the screen plate usually does not have the front and back angles except in special cases. At the same time, its grinding is not as complicated as the cutting tool. wedge wire screen baskets will increase the particle size of feed products and reduce the uniformity. The latter will weaken the strength of the sieve. Considering the strength of the edge and the convenience of mold manufacturing and grinding, wedge wire screen baskets, on the other hand, considering the screen, may not get good results even if the shape of the edge is changed.

In the actual production of wedge wire screen baskets, the size of the screen hole diameter is determined by the feeding object. Therefore, when selecting the sieve plate, the size requirements of the product should be met first. According to the strength of the sieve plate, the sieve block with a large aperture should be selected as much as possible to improve the crushing efficiency and save energy consumption. Stamping technology is based on the metal processing method of plastics. Good stamping performance is the ability of the finger plate to adapt to various stamping methods. Therefore, the material is required to have good plasticity. The die clearance according to GB thickness tolerance is determined by the material thickness, so the material thickness tolerance shall conform to the national standard. Otherwise, too large thickness tolerance will affect the quality of the workpiece and may cause damage to the mold and equipment. The material surface quality of the wedge-shaped steel wire mesh screen basket is good, the pressing parts of the screen plate are not easy to be broken, and the waste is reduced; the die is not easy to be scratched, the service life is improved, and the surface quality of the parts is good.

The above is all about the requirements of wedge wire screen baskets on the opening rate, We are a filter processing and manufacturing enterprise which specializing in the production of mine screens, wedge wire screens and stainless steel filter element. We are a large-scale industrial enterprise integrating production and sales. It is famous in the country for its production of wedge wire screen, wedge wire filter nozzle, Wedge Wire pipe, sintered filter, and other products. It is highly praised by users and experts. Our company has independent manufacturing equipment, advanced customization technology, strong technical force, strict scientific management, and testing methods, and meet the needs of users.

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