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Application situation of wedge wire screen panels

The embodiment of wedge wire screen panels in the assembly line operation: first of all, in the assembly line operation, it can use the oscillating motor as the excitation source, and its operation power will be higher. After a study of a stainless steel linear screen, it is found that its processing ability is also very large. So wedge wire screen panels are used in the chemical industry, metallurgy, coal, and mine industries. And because the wedge wire screen panels work at a relatively high vibration frequency, its practical work power is also relatively high, and it will not present the situation of beam cracking.
According to the life test of the traditional sieve plate products, the life of the traditional products is relatively short, but the life of the new wedge wire screen panel is relatively long because its embodiment in the assembly line operation is enough to clarify the quality of its products, the quality is good, and the use time is longer. wedge wire screen panels screening can present the primary element of the problem.
The primary operation of a wedge wire screen panel is screening, so its screening quality has always been a problem that everyone pays attention to. If the screening quality is poor, then the product may have some problems in production. However, the real answer can be found only when the questions are presented and the needs are analyzed concretely.
If the wedge wire screen panel is in the condition of excessive noise, the bearing may be damaged, or the bolt may be loose, the beam may be cracked, etc., under these conditions, it is necessary to replace the parts. If the wedge wire screen panel is still in operation under these conditions, its screening quality will certainly be very poor. Generally, it is also due to improper operation, blocked mesh, the addition of fine particles and water in the screen, so that the screen material layer is too thick and the feed is not equal. The screening quality of the wedge wire screen panel is also determined by these factors.

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