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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chart of common mesh mesh size and wedge wire screen slot size

    Mesh, is the number of holes, that is, the number of holes per square inch. The larger the mesh size, the smaller the aperture. In general, mesh ¡Á pore size (microns) = 15,000. For example, the 400-mesh screen has a pore size of about 38 microns and the 500-mesh screen has a pore size of about 30 microns. Due to the problem of opening rate, that is, because of the different thickness of the wire used for braiding, the standards of different countries are different. There are three kinds of standards in the United States, the British standard and the Japanese standard. The similarities between Britain and the United States Japan¡±s difference is larger. Our country uses the American standard, that is, it can be calculated by the formula given above....


  • what is the arc screen equipment

    Arc screen is an economical solid-liquid separation equipment. Arc screen is mainly used for coal preparation plant and beneficiation plant to pre-dehydration materials, mud removal, removal of jobs, grading slime recovery. It can also be used with water hydrocyclone to effectively classify, dehydrate, remove and remove fine particles. Mainly by the stent, sieve, sieve box, sieve and feed distribution box composition....


  • Analysis of stainlesssteel Water nozzle

    Stainless steel drainage nozzle instead of water treatment equipment traditional plastic water nozzle, plastic water nozzle strength is poor, pressure, temperature, anti-aging performance is poor, especially the strength difference of this weakness, easy to rupture, to the safe operation of the equipment has brought hidden dangers.,...


  • Description of the Mash Tun Lauter Tun screen

    The wedge wire screen mash tun lauter tun screen is made by wrapping and welding stainless steel V-shaped profile wire cylindrically around support rods under automatic wire screen machine, then be made to screen panel through cutting and edge welding. Each profile wire and support rod is welded by resistance welding. It generally made of stainless steel 304, 304L,316, 316L, 321 etc. We also produce special material according to the customer request....


  • What is hub lateral technical datas

    Wedge wire hub lateral is widely used in the under draining applications with the features of effective filtering and screening performance. Wedge wire lateral assemblies are a typical screen type used in the under draining.,Wedge wire lateral assemblies, also called header lateral assemblies, are assemblies of horizontal herring bone style wedge wire screen laterals and vertical secured round hub. The screen lateral has inherent even pattern, which is made of stainless steel, hastelloy alloy steel and other alloy steels. The screen lateral has various slot size, wire size and diameters to suit common or customized applications....


  • Wedge wire stainless steel mesh characteristics and application environment

    The wedge wire stainless steel wire mesh filter, filter accuracy of 30-800¦Ì wedge wire welding screen is made of stainless steel wedge wire and support welded together, mainly filter plate, filter basket, filter and other products. The finished product has the advantages of high strength, high hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, uniform gap, good seepage, easy cleaning and anti-cleaning....


  • Sepcification details of wedge wire header lateral

    Wedge wire header lateral is made of V shaped stainless steel wire. It has flow area, water distribution uniformity, the high mechanical strength, temperature,pressure,anti aging, anti corrosive has been greatly enhanced. Stainless steel wire around the space under the index finger to the size of the design....


  • Techology datas of wedge wire lauter tun screen

    The wedge wire lauter tun screen can be used in a variety of applications ranging from classifying to recovering usable products that would end up in sewer line to capturing solids from effluents....


  • Specification of wedge wire screen tube

    Wedge wire screen tube for water well, also called round slot tube. It is made of stainless steel wire, which is the most popular type because of outstanding chemical stability and corrosion resistance....


  • Specification of wedge wire screen cylinder

    Wedge wire screen cylinders are made up of rods and wire. The rod can be round wire, triangular wire or trapezoid wire. The wire is triangular wire (V-shaped wire). Wedge wire screen cylinder have a structure and high open area, as well as accurate slot dimension. At the same time, water well screens have heat-resisting, anti-corrosive, good machine capability, last long, safety and reliability and so on characteristics. It can be used in many kinds of medium filtering....


  • What is a hydraulic sieve?

    Hydraulic sieve, also known as curved sieve£¨sieve bend screen£©, strip sieve, oblique sieve, oblique grid, hydraulic grille, curved grille....


  • what is the sieve bend screen

    The curved surface of the sieve bend screen panel is made of stainless steel V-shaped wedge wire, which is created by a v-shaped profile around the longitudinal support rods. Each section of the section and support rods is well welded. A smooth surface that is resistant to clogging and greater structural strength. The welded wedge wire mesh is the most advanced product of modern technology for screening, filtering, dehydrating, drying and cleaning in many industries....


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