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Johnson Wire Flat Screens

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Johnson Wire Flat ScreensJohnson Wire Flat ScreensJohnson Wire Flat Screens

Johnson Wire Flat Screens

Category:Wedge Wire Screen Panel
Material:stainless steel 304, 316, 316L
Properties:wedge wire screen
Application:water,oil,gas,liquid filtration, industry filtration

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Details of Johnson Wire Flat Screens

UBO designs precise and durable Johnson screen in flat or bend shape. We can deal with the materials whose thickness exceeds 0.05mm,with the nice geometrical shape and nipping edge and the strong incise capability, high-performance of doff-media, not only can ensure the highest efficiency but also could avoid the jam of the sieve pore to the greatest extent. 

Advantages of Johnson Wire Flat Screens

When compared to conventional slotted pipe, wedge wire screen flat have superior open area due to their continuous slot openings. The benefits of which will :

•Reduce energy consumption and increase water flow.

•Reduce erosion of entry surfaces and increase well life.

•Allow a uniform and efficient well development.

•Reduce significantly potential pump damage and subsequent maintenance costs.

Usages of Johnson Wire Flat Screens

It can use with the deep well pump, dive the water pump, also may use in the water-treating equipment, the environmental protection, the sea water transforms into the industrial water and life use water desalination treatment, running water treatment, water softening treatment, the petroleum industry: The petroleum product terminal filters and the chemical acid, the alkali liquid filters, the ethyl alcohol and so on the organic solution recycling filters. 

Johnson falt screen screen

Specifications of Johnson Wire Flat Screens:

Material low Carbon Galvanized (LCG), Stainless Steel(SS) and Galvanized Steel.
Slot (mm) 0.1、0.25、0.50、0.75、1.00、1.50、2.00、3.00 also achieved upon customer request.
Profile Wire  #63 (1.5*2.5mm), #93(2.3*3.5mm), #118(3.0*4.6mm) etc.
Support Rod 1.V shaped. #63 (1.5*2.5mm), #93(2.3*3.5mm), #118(3.0*4.6mm) etc.
Steel Flat Steel Flat: 1.5*20mm, 2.0*25mm, 2.5*30mm etc.
Frame Iron Frame, Steel Frame, or Nothing.

Johnson falt screen screen

Johnson falt screen screen

Packaging and Transportation of Johnson Wire Flat Screens:


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